The Unsheathed Collection brings to life nine powerhouse tales of epic fantasy filled with daring duels, gruesome slaughter, and the ringing cacophony of battle.




It wasn’t supposed to be this way.

You are followed.
You are watched.
Suppress your thoughts.
Do as they say.

You stand as one against them all.

What happens when every aspect of your life is managed, manipulated, and controlled by someone else. Everyone is guaranteed the opportunity to suffer equally for the greater good in this dystopian society.

You become weary in your helplessness and have no voice in what happens to you, your family, friends and neighbors.

Your possessions, your body, and even your thoughts, belong to them and not yourself. What will you do?

Jump on board and witness how the landscape has changed as we ride the rails of the Dystopian Express.

Trajectories Ebook Cover


Today’s most talented current SF authors take us on new TRAJECTORIES!

Marianne J. Dyson brings us a suspenseful tale from the surface of Mars.

Bud Sparhawk shows us blue-collar workers finding danger while just trying to make a living.

John F. Allen explains how a TV production assistant can go from fighting racial prejudice in the 1950s to defending against an alien invasion in the far

Brad R. Torgersen introduces us to “The Ghost Conductor Of The Interstellar Express.”

And many more!