The desire to write first over took me in middle school after reading ‘The Red Planet’ by Robert A. Heinlein. From that point on, I could not get enough. As the ideas filled my head, I had to find a way to let them out. Whether it is scifi, fantasy, mystery, or poetry, you’ll see all kinds from me. Relationships are the keys to all stories. As any good writer will tell you, “There are no new stories, only different details in the telling.”

I hope you enjoy!



They tried to kill a nation.

Revenge and genocide, is that even possible?

Walk into the arena of ‘Without A Conscious…’ where an unsuspecting college student is dragged into a world he never knew. Under a ruthless plot carried out in the name of progress and greed, our nation is attacked. Hindered from the truth by those in power, it’s a fight for the right to survive.

When Cliff finds a photo of his murdered grandmother under the door of his apartment, his whole world explodes. Haunted by a mysterious caller, hunted by an unknown murderer, this mystery drags an ordinary college boy into a foul formula for genocide.

With only twenty-four hours to deliver what the caller wants, without knowing what it is, Cliff encounters a seductive temptress, a helpful turncoat, a broken heart, and a mystery which started in 1950.

Do you dare?

Thought Thats Thin Ebook Cover


Cliff has a secret, and everyone wants to bury him for it.Walk into the arena of a world gripped in dark secrets, where friend could be foe, and power corrupts absolutely. It is a place of misleading facts, hidden venues, and unexpected choices.When Cliff attends his grandmother’s funeral, things thought buried come back to life, flames erupt, and his world is blown apart. With captives taken and a line drawn in the sand, Cliff turns to face an insane assassin, an unlikely hero, and a faceless power that is plotting to steal his soul.”…Thought That’s Thin…” is the second book in a five book series. It follows “Without A Conscious…”, the first book in the series. Each of the book titles go together to form a clue in the final book. The clue so far is, “Without a conscious thought that’s thin…”



MoonHalfFullbyJamesWilliamPeercy Amazon


When an excited and playful Jacob and Stephanie arrive at the Moon for
their first year anniversary, Jacob discovers a shocking surprise.

Whisked into danger, forced to explore, he discovers his arrival could
kill him. In a battle to save both his life and their future, he fights
the odds to return back home.