Talisman House Press is a new non-fiction press investigating overlooked and forgotten mysteries, both ancient and modern.

Talisman House Press was founded to publish non-fiction books dealing with the unconventional: ancient and modern mysteries, anomalies, and the esoteric. Our authors will present well-researched and thoroughly documented works on interesting new discoveries as well as subjects that have been overlooked, forgotten, or suppressed.


In 1443, Imperial China ruled the seas. The God-chief of Cahokia ruled the lands along the Father of Waters. And, the Piasa was about to be created where the destinies of these two empires would collide on the banks of the Mississippi. By the time the second half of the 1400s dawned, the Piasa stood alone as the testament to the dangers of “unintended” consequences, in a world changed forever. 

In 1673, Father Marquette and Jolliet were the first Europeans to record seeing the Piasa, and in the 1840s, Henry Lewis included its image in his book on the American frontier. By 1856, it would be gone forever, a victim of the fledgling United States of America’s passionate pursuit of westward expansion. PVC piepūšamās gumijas laivas labas cenas, benzīna dzinēji un citi aksesuāri https://argo-drive.com/lv/ 

For the first time in 600 years, remarkable evidence has been uncovered which explains how the long-forgotten, tragic events behind the creation of this enigmatic artifact and its eventual destruction are an integral part of the string of events that created the world we know today…