Tony Acree is an award-winning publisher, novelist, and screenwriter. He lives near Louisville, Kentucky with his wife, twin daughters, two female dogs, a female cat, and says the way the goldfish looks at him, he’s sure she’s female, too.

Dark Harbor Pictures will be producing two streaming shows, one based on his Victor McCain thrillers, the other on his Samantha Tyler thrillers. In addition, his screenplay, Songs of Bloody Harlan has been optioned for the silver screen by Jamezz Hampton and 1209 Productions. His publishing house, Hydra Publications, won the Jason Sizemore Award for best small press, and Publisher of the Year by the AOF Megafest and Conquering Disabilities w/Film International Film Festival.

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In the rain-drenched streets of 1937 Louisville, Kentucky, a city drowning in the Great Flood, private investigator Charlie Parker is a man with debts to repay and secrets to bury. Haunted by his past and pursued by a relentless storm, Charlie’s world collides with corruption, crime, and the shadowy underbelly of the city he calls home.

When the desperate wife of Franklin Browning, a man Charlie owes a life-altering favor, appears on his doorstep, he has no choice but to accept the case. Her husband’s sudden disappearance unravels a web of police corruption that runs deeper than the floodwaters, implicating those sworn to protect and serve. As Charlie delves deeper into the murky waters of this case, he discovers that a local mob boss, a man feared by all, holds the key to the truth.

With time running out and the relentless rain serving as a constant reminder of his past sins, Charlie Parker must navigate the treacherous terrain of deceit, betrayal, and a city on the brink of collapse. The lines between right and wrong blur as Charlie races against the clock to find Franklin Browning and uncover the dark secrets that threaten to drown them all. Will he emerge from the floodwaters with his soul intact, or will he be swept away by the tide of corruption that threatens to consume everything in its path?

Noir fans of classics like The Maltese Falcon and The Big Sleep, will love The Dead Man’s Flood.



Homicide Detective Paige Aldridge has caught her fair share of killers. Yet she knows the Devil’s Mark Killer is something different. Each victim has the mark of the Devil carved into their skin. Using her powers as a Reader, she searches the Collective Conscious searching for anyone thinking about the Devil’s mark.

And she finds someone. Through their eyes, she sees they are over the body of a woman with the same mark carved into her chest. She sends the thought for the killer to look at his license and he does. She has her suspect – Victor McCain.

In this thrilling crossover novel featuring Lynn Tincher’s Paige Aldridge and Tony Acree’s Victor McCain, demons are on the loose and the bodies are piling up as an ancient evil seeks revenge on those who imprisoned him, as well as an unknown player who wants to destroy both Paige and Victor.


Vengeance is an addiction, a need, a necessity.

Vengeance is all Samantha is living for.

They took her dignity; they caused her pain.

They will pay.

Samantha has come a long way from being the daughter of Satan’s right-hand man. She’s been burned down to her soul, and she’s back to find the one who ordered her torture. Together with her best friend, an order of militant nuns, and a tech wizard, she’s out to take down the leader of the movement. In the battle between good and evil, faith and vengeance are all that are left.

This thriller is a continuation of the Victor McCain series, telling Samantha’s story between the events of The Speaker and Revenge


Samantha Tyler is a kick-ass, take-no-prisoners kind of girl. She lives by her own set of slightly broken rules, and the drummer she marches to has cloven hooves.She’s having just another normal day as a vigilante on the good side of the supernatural until an alarming call from her mentor, Sister Evangeline, prompts a trip across the sea to the Abbey of Sainte Aelis in France. One of the nuns and a local village woman are missing, unusual enough, but there are ominous whispers in the air leading everyone to believe an unholy creature is responsible. When the trail of carnage leads back to a remote cabin in Kentucky, Samantha discovers a new horror is sipping the living soul from its victims. With the help of her best friend, Alex, the mysterious Abe Shepherd, and the enigmatic Declan, she uncovers one of the oldest and most fantastically alluring threats to mankind.



It was 6 p.m. when the Devil walked into my office and had a seat.

Bounty hunter Victor McCain always wondered how his brother, Mikey, went from down-n-out loser to one of Louisville’s richest men. Now he knew: his brother sold his soul to the Devil. And in twenty-four hours, Mikey would die and spend eternity in Hell unless Victor agreed to hunt down a thief, a woman as deadly as she is beautiful. On a journey of murder and betrayal, Victor must now put his own soul at risk to save his only brother, battle a dark underground organization with the goal of nothing less than a global war between Christians and Muslims, and fight creatures from man’s darkest nightmares. Then there’s the Hand of God, God’s own bounty hunter. In the end, will he be a friend or enemy? Only Heaven knows.



For bounty hunter Victor McCain, life is complicated. After losing his soul, he agreed to become the new Hand of God, God’s bounty hunter on Earth. His job? Track down and kill the worst forms of evil Satan can dish out. But when an ancient threat resurfaces, soon the hunters become the hunted. In this action-packed sequel to The Hand of God, Victor is closing in on his brother Mikey, who cost him his soul and stole the woman he loves. Soon he discovers his brother’s “backup” plan: to unleash beings chained in the darkness from the early days of man in order to bring about the annihilation of the human race. With the help of fellow bounty hunter Winston Reynolds, computer geek Kurt Pervis, and the enigmatic Brother Joshua, Victor is ready to spring his trap and rescue the lovely Samantha when it all goes sideways. Now each member of his team is being targeted for elimination. The only question is, can they stay alive long enough to save the world.



Tracking and killing demons is all part of the job for the Hand of God, Victor McCain, God’s bounty hunter. In this fast-paced sequel to The Hand of God and The Watchers, Victor learns facing his inner demons may be deadlier than the real ones. Turning to the bottle to drown out the memories of a lost love, he begins to take risks that could get him killed. One night, drunk and alone in a bar in Tennessee, he’s ambushed by members of the Church of the Light Reclaimed. He would have died in the attack, if not for a beautiful stranger named Elizabeth. Later he learns the attack was orchestrated by an old nemesis, Preston Deveraux, and Cyrus Tyler, the new Speaker of the House of Representatives. Victor must lean on the alluring Elizabeth to find the truth behind their plans-only she has secrets of her own which could doom them both. When yet another player shows up on the scene hunting Elizabeth, Victor must find a way to convince the two of them to work together to help him stop Tyler from reaching his ultimate goal: to throw the world into chaos and war.

Revenge ebook small


Victor McCain, God’s bounty hunter, knows how to hunt down the world’s most evil beings and remove them. Permanently. In Revenge, the thrilling follow-up to The Speaker, Victor learns what it’s like to be the one targeted for death.

With a $10,000,000 bounty on his head, assassins are finding their way to Louisville to try and collect on the contract of a lifetime, including Black Ice, the world’s top killer. But he is not alone.

An old foe has returned from the dead to seek revenge on Victor by destroying those he holds dear, including a new love. To save her and the others close to him, he must avoid the assassin’s bullet and the efforts of an angry cop intent on putting Victor away for life and unravel a trail of kidnapping, torture, and murder.



Victor McCain is used to fighting demons, Satanists, and even fallen angels. But when God’s bounty hunter travels to the Windy City to take on one of Chicago’s most notorious Mob bosses, he is confronted by an assassin the likes the world has never seen. Literally.


All Victor McCain wanted was to take the day off and relax. That was it. Hell had other ideas.


Victor McCain, God’s bounty hunter, has better things to do than check out a Satan sighting in Indiana, yet when duty calls…

When he meets his informant, natural-born fool Lonnie Carter, only a six-pack of Guinness can lure him into the house. When Satan shows up with a deal, it is left up to McCain to use his very special skill set to save the day, and maybe the soul of a dog.




The Victor McCain Collection features the first three novels in the best-selling Victor McCain thriller series: The Hand of God, The Watchers, and The Speaker. Readers love the heart-pounding action, incredible thrills, and the constant twists and turns of each novel. As an added bonus, the Victor McCain Collection includes the #1 best-selling short story, Nightmare, available for the first time in print.


Katy: What year were you born?
Me: 1963
Lauren: You must have dressed really different back then.
Me. Yep. I wore diapers.
Twins: (Long stare, then they both shake their heads.)

Twins, scammers, retail clerks…Tony’s dealt with them all.

A prolific teller of lies, Tony Acree steps away from the world of fiction, and his award-winning Victor McCain thrillers, in his first work of nonfiction. Tell Me More is a collection of stories as relatable as they are irreverent.