This weekend, Hydra publisher and author, Tony Acree, and New York Times bestselling fantasy writer, Richard Knaak, will be at Tremendicon in Springfield, Missouri, Friday through Sunday at the Oasis Hotel and Convention Center. 

About the con: 

Our focus is on Education, Inspiration, Encouragement, Collaboration, and Charity. These values will be incorporated by creating a convention experience where real educational experiences are available to attendees from professionals in creative roles.  Attendees will see and hear what others are doing in their creative lives that can provide inspiration and let them dream big.  

​Having interactive and face-to-face opportunities will let creatives gain encouragement where they need it to grow into the creative roles they want.  Collaboration happens when two or more individuals begin a dialogue leading to a mutual respect and desire to put creative energies together to make something greater.

 We have a heart for charity. Tremendicon will use the financial and creative abilities to help the community and put positivity into the world by donating our time and money to charities that support children and those in need of help.