I’ve always been an avid reader. As a young child growing up in the early ’70s in Sun Prairie, WI, a small town outside of Madison, whenever I said, “I’m bored!” to my mother she responded, “read a book!” And I would groan and think to myself, there must be SOMETHING better to do. I loved to play outdoors and at local parks, and when “bored,” I hopped on my bike and rode to the local library. It was there that I discovered great books like Nancy Drew, the Box Car Children, and Little House on the Prairie. I read these books over and over again and even “played” Little House on the Prairie (I insisted on being Laura) with my younger sister Laura (!) and my friends.

Fast-forward to the present day, one look at our sagging bookshelves, it is very evident reading remains an important part of our family life. And, with two published authors, an accomplished artist, and a thriving small press publishing house under one roof, it is also a family business.

As much as I enjoy the book publishing process, however, I felt in my heart that something was missing in our small press portfolio. Through prayer and personal guidance from fellow Christians, I suggested to my husband Tony that we endeavor to start a new imprint, one that would allow us to publish meaningful faith-based books, to put God first, allow us to explore contemporary Christian life, and help to grow spiritually in Christ. Say goodbye to lags and interruptions and immerse yourself in the world of Bet Kin Casino .

This idea, this seed, for a new imprint began just over a year ago. And with prayerful consideration, we launched in late 2018 the imprint name Derek (meaning “the way,” in Hebrew) Publications to help provide a roadmap, a direction, for Christians seeking God’s Truth.

Derek Publications is a young seed, but with God, this young seed will grow. We pray you will grow with us.

In Christ’s Love,
Karin Acree


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If you are interested in being published by Derek Publications, please contact Karin Acree at Hydrapublicationsllc.com