Dylan Hague was born in upstate South Carolina. Having an inclination to the creative arts since a young age, he began writing when he was just a boy. While enjoying some small notoriety as a writer online, Dylan has spent three years developing the world in which the Seventh Whisper series takes place. He still resides, broke as the day he was born, just outside of Clemson, South Carolina.



The desolation of dragonfire has returned to the empire of Eridan. Ravaged by a jealous and loathsome emperor and stalked by monsters lurking in every corner, the people of Eridan are desperate and without hope. The gods work to restore peace, but the hearts of mortals are not so easily salvaged. From across the empire, a band of unlikely companions arises. Be it a sick mother, an oath to a king, or a love for a people, each of them has a world to defend. They will meet the oppression of the wyrm with blade, spell, and divine wrath. None can say if it will be enough.



Two years have passed since the death of the sea-dragon Sturamtönn at the Battle for Fartide. Sir Caeleen, the Ranger-Knight of the Dokk Fuil, now resides in the Grey Wood of Laithe Kingdom in service to Mull, the Lion of Líen. But a shadow stirs in the West, as omens of a nameless dread have been spotted across the Kingdom of Tamia. Секс бывает разный. Зажигательные куртизанки, сладкие индивидуалки тлт предлагают расслабиться в приватной обстановке. Недорогое интим от индивидуалки с интернета.

Caeleen may very well have to leave his Kingdom behind for a time to hunt down the source of these unwelcome signs. But as Eridan’s finest hunter does his quiet work, what is it that he hunts? And how can he be sure that it isn’t hunting him?