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I Married a Sociopath: Taken to the Edge of Insanity, My Survival Unexpected

As a child, Sabrina’s abuse was never validated. As the rape and violence continued, escalating in nature—abusers who are not caught test their limits—she approached puberty with an unstable and insecure sense of self, and a distorted perception of her role in relationships. She had been conditioned to devalue her needs and give without question.

At fifteen she meets the man of her dreams, but by nineteen—pregnant and married—her hopes and dreams of love and romance are crushed. She is caught in a web of violence and psychological mind games, being constantly threatened that if she tells anyone or tries to leave she will lose her children, public respect—everything.

When Sabrina finally breaks free, she finds herself in a courtroom being served a thirty-five-page motion and an Emergency Protective Order “protecting” her abuser and children from her. Her worst fears are now her reality. After a lifetime of abuse will she be able to bear the burden of this pain, injustice, and helplessness?

He Married a Sociopath: A Navy SEAL Team VI Sniper’s Greatest Threat Lived in His Own Home

Sabrina continues her tragic and sometimes heartbreaking story, detailed in I Married a Sociopath: Taken to the Edge of Insanity my Survival Unexpected, into this second book.

Sabrina finds herself pregnant and married at nineteen, and for twenty years she is caught in a web of violence and psychological mind games. She divorces Peter, but his abuse and control continues—in a different way—her own daughters become the voice of Peter’s insatiable need to unsettle Sabrina and disrupt her life, creating chaos by twisting reality.

Steven and Jo eloped after spending only a few weeks together—he was an established U.S. Navy SEAL—Jo presented herself as someone perfect for him. Jo was pregnant with their first child in less than a year, and three years later, a second. The relationship deteriorated quickly and as her psychological and verbal abuse escalated, Steven presented marriage dissolution papers to Jo. “This is not how it is going to happen,” she replied and made the first of dozens of false allegations.

Steven and Sabrina meet in May of 2010 and they have an immediate connection—not only their chemistry but a curiously shared experience with who they think will soon be their ex-spouses. While both go through years of litigation, they seek each other’s love and support in defending themselves against a legal labyrinth of unpredictable madness.
When Jo finds out about Sabrina, her rage finds a new target. Peter and Jo seek revenge together—their manipulations take on amplified intensity and fixation that neither had found individually. As Steven’s boys become teenagers, Jo arms them with the message that they, “can be a family again if Sabrina is out of the picture.” They absorb their mother’s malicious intentions and lock on to this task. How this manifests in them will take your breath away…


I’m Glad I Got Cancer: A Survivor’s Guide to Overcoming Adversity is a guidebook for those facing any difficulty in life, including cancer, divorce, death a loved one, financial hardship, loss of a job, and so on. The story was inspired when the author’s father made the bizarre comment, “Kelly, I’m glad you got cancer.” It goes on to chronicle Kelly’s life experiences that helped her to be well-positioned to face her emotional and physical battle with cancer. It contains specific actions the reader can take to help with their personal challenges, supported by Kelly’s personal stories to reinforce the message. While you cannot control the challenges life throws at you, you always have control over your own thoughts, feelings, and actions.


Two best friends set out to conquer Hollywood when the unthinkable happens and one of them is diagnosed with bipolar disorder. Meet the people behind the motion picture and get to know the team that brought their vision to life. Learn backstage stories of the trials, the tribulations, and the making of Letters to Daniel.





Enhance your golf etiquette by watching others’ mistakes through this humorous story of a municipal golfer playing a round of golf at a country club.

This amusing story will entertain and educate as you polish your golf manners and become the person that others look to for correct conduct on the course. Real life examples explain the right and wrong ways to behave while golfing.

The Golf Rules-Etiquette is the follow-up book to The Golf Rules, which explains stroke play procedures.

Author Richard Todd realized that very few golfers are educated on the rules and etiquette of golf in a uniform manner, and most golfers are taught by people without proper knowledge or education in these areas. To address this problem, The Golf Rules series was developed. This collection of books covers stroke play, match play, and golf etiquette through easy to read and understand stories about everyday golfers and the situations they encounter.

Learn while laughing with The Golf Rules!

“The Golf Rules is a truly interesting way of learning the ins and outs of the game of golf. Readers will be able to have the right answers and learn how to handle questionable situations on the golf course through this insightful book.” -The Eisen Agency




Irv Korman’s first book of 25 interviews and personal encounters with some of the most legendary icons in the entertainment industry, while they appeared in numerous North Eastern Ohio venues, such as  Dottie West, Robert Reed, “Spanky” McFarland, Dorothy Lamour, “Red” Skelton, Steve Allen, Captain Kangaroo, Milton Berle, Tony Bennett, Mickey Rooney, Jerry Lewis, and Phyllis Diller.


Irv Korman’s second book of celebrity encounters in Northeastern Ohio with such famous entertainers as Frank Gorshin, Jim Nabors, Bobby Vinton, Tommy Smothers, “Doc” Severinsen, Loni Anderson, George Carlin, Brenda Lee, Gallagher, Jackie Mason, Tim Conway, Hal Holbrook, and John Lithgow.