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James C. Gillen is an award winning author in Orlando, Florida. His book, Tortured Skin has won the Royal Palm award for Best in Horror for Florida writers and was a Finalist for Horror book of the year in 2009 by USA Book News for American and International authors.  He has been a member of the Disney Writers Group as well as O.W.L. (Orlando Writers League). Besides writing, James enjoys days on the back of his Harley, playing bass in a jazz quartet called Standard Blu, and graphic design. James resides with his wife, Mindy, three daughters and American Bulldog, Pursey.



When Paul Isaac, vampire executioner, is confronted by the master vampire of the city and poisoned with a virus that will not only kill him but cause him to rise as one of the undead, he must decide whether to do the bidding of the powerful vampire to save his own life, or stop the sadistic killer that threatens to leave the city with more unfortunate victims. Packed with crucifixes, stakes, and a Magnum filled with ultra-violet bullets, Paul uncovers a sinister club that caters to the dark side of pleasure and pain that might not only be the key to his survival but also push him closer to the killer’s identity. In order to stay alive, he must learn to face his inner darkness and trust in things that just might be less monstrous than himself.


Paul Isaac is back and has found himself between a rock and a hard place. Someone or something is killing the human supporters of vampire rights, known as the Knights of the Night. An ancient master vampire has been targeted as the killer. But when Paul discovers the vampire may be innocent, he is forced to confront the police and their possible cover-up or turn his back on the monster that may hold the only clues to the deaths. In order to protect the humans being targeted, Paul must set aside his fears and prejudices and walk through the doors of a new vogue vampire art gallery known as Crimson Madness. What he finds there might just be more frightening than anything with fangs.



Sins of Retribution (The Paul Isaac Vampire Series)

Being a vampire assassin is a deadly way to make a living, but when you’re also considered the new master vampire of Orlando, things can get complicated. It’s a dilemma that has become Paul Isaac’s reality. A late night knock at the door forces Paul to make promises he knows he won’t be able to keep. But when human lives of old friends hang in the balance of vampire politics and law, no choice is easy. After an attempt on his life by a couple of old adversaries, Paul learns no matter which side of the grave or which side of the law, nothing can be trusted. This game of death had become personal and only his spilt blood can stop it. Something is out there hunting him. Old. Powerful. Deadly. And killing it will only make matters worse.


An anti-vampire rights candidate and others are viciously murdered in the Necro-District of Orlando. The only clue, a single word written in blood. To unlock its secret, Paul Isaac unravels a sadistic combination of blackmail and taboo sex. As the new Dracul Sang, Paul must protect his coven, trust sworn enemies and embrace ancient customs. In the meantime, a new lethal power lurks in the shadows, waiting to gain control of the city, while an old flame uncovers secrets Paul isnā€™t ready to face. In the end, somewhere between the neon and the moonlight, Paul Isaac will find, vengeance, vindication, and VICTORY.