Lee Gull is a pen name for a collector of experiences and writer of fact and fiction. Despite the excitement of her stories, she is a mild-mannered high school science teacher, freelance writer, and former scientific researcher. She knows a good adventure having been through several: living in Uganda East Africa, shipwrecked on Ulithi Atoll in the Western Pacific, sailing six of the seven seas, and being an elephant tour guide in Thailand. With three-quarters of the world still to explore, she has many adventures yet to come. When not traveling, she lives on a farm in Ohio with the world’s cutest donkey and a disgruntled guard pig.


For the fans of Tony Hillerman’s Jim Chee novels.   

When he’s among his family in the Navajo Lands, looking White isn’t a problem for half Navajo Michael Yazzie. However, when his cousin is framed for murder Michael has to go to the city in order to prove him innocent. Dealing with the people and culture of Phoenix is difficult, but matters become more complicated when Michael meets his cousin’s lawyer…the white father who left him as a child.

Investigating the murder in order to free his cousin, Michael hast to form alliances with the father he doesn’t trust, a news reporter he doesn’t understand, and a street person who may have motivations of her own. Together they deal with an indifferent police force and a cunning serial killer.

Michael’s story has the unique perspective of a traditionally raised Native American connecting with his mainstream American heritage. Michael highlights how difficult it can be to walk between two cultures, even though they are only separated by a few miles of dusty road.