Professor, poet, cartoonist, chiropractor.  How does one man juggle so many pursuits?

     Apparently by incorporating all of them into yet another passion, novelist.

     Dr. Scott Simerlein spent his early years on the planet carefully cultivating the left side of his brain:  spelling bee champion at the age of nine, high school valedictorian, first in his class at Palmer College of Chiropractic.

     But somewhere along the line, the right side of his brain staged a smackdown.  Without warning, he began to compose poetry, draw a comic strip for his college newspaper, and write young adult stories for fun.

     After years of leading a local writers group in Indiana and then being named Poet Laureate of his county, Dr. Simerlein burst onto the world stage when Hydra Publications published two of his Land of Lex novelettes.

     Dr. Simerlein currently keeps the peace between the dueling factions of his brain by focusing the left on teaching anatomy to college students while allowing the right to explore fantasy realms of its own creation.  The latter’s most recent exploits are chronicled in his first full-length novel, Rudger Rump and the Mage of Ages.

     Oh, yes.  Did we mention that in his spare time, Dr. Simerlein plays the trumpet and creates anatomy music videos for his Simersong Siblings YouTube channel?

     Stay tuned for Rudger Rump: The Musical, coming to a theater near you.

     Just kidding.

     Or are we?