Janet Reyes resides in St. Louis with her husband and kiddos three, along with her white bunny and dog named “Goldie.” She carries a Bachelor’s of Science in Early Childhood & Elementary Education from Southeast Missouri State University. Once upon a time, she ran a district-wide early childhood program. These days, she writes for children as she is working towards a career in physical therapy. She spends her free time cooking, gardening, spending time outdoors and teaching tumbling & yoga classes.


Now that Dominic is too big for his old “baby room” upstairs, he is thrilled to move into cool new basement room. Just as he and his pal Sharkie fall asleep, strange sounds start at midnight and continue to keep them up LATE LATE at night. This charming story illustrates both the love and nature &the tug-of-war between a child’s need for independence while still wanting mom’s love. A hilarious “mostly” true tale.