Mick Williams wrote his first short story (which linked a local celebrity to a spate of killings) in High
School. His teacher noted ‘he has quite an imagination’…she never mentioned whether it was good
or bad. Since then he has written a romantic comedy and three adventure/thrillers.
After a decade in Kentucky, USA, he has recently relocated back to his hometown of Stoke-on- Trent,
England, and shares a house with his wife and two demanding and needy cats, Crash and Thud.
In between working and writing, he is an avid reader and enjoys watching football. Both kinds.


From Amazon Top Ten selling author Mick Williams comes a page-turning adventure thriller…
When traveling salesman Paul Howard unwinds in a hotel bar, he’s pleasantly surprised to attract the attention of a beautiful woman. But after the best night of his life, he finds that she
is not who she seems. Her life as a professional thief-for-hire pulls him into a breathtaking world of secrecy and danger.

Tracked at every turn, they join forces with a disillusioned assassin and a hostage victim bent on revenge and go on a life-threatening run to fight teams of hit-men and a shady underworld
organization who will stop at nothing to recover a stolen item in their possession…an item with the potential to trigger World War III.

With the clock ticking and bullets flying, they race across the country in an effort to stay alive and, ultimately, save the world.


Jamaica: a Caribbean paradise fraught with unseen danger.

The Old Farts Club: a small group of mixed-age military veterans with various ‘skills’ who frequent a local fast food joint to swap stories and trade tales.

During a dream Jamaican vacation, Danny ‘Dud’ Wilkerson is devastated when, after a seemingly random accident, his wife Evie vanishes.

The Montego Bay police force insists on a seventy-two-hour wait before anyone is officially considered missing. With concrete evidence of her disappearance, Dud can’t wait and, faced with a race against time to find his wife, calls on The Old Farts Club to join him in paradise to track her down.

Little do they know, Evie’s disappearance is just the beginning of a scary and thrilling adventure that takes them from paradise to Hell, as The Old Farts piece together clue after clue and use all of their skills to not only find the missing woman but to stop something altogether more sinister.

Exodus – the first book in The Old Farts Club series.


The Old Farts Club returns in the explosive sequel to the award-winning debut, Exodus.

A sniper’s bullet buzzes the ear of retired bomb disposal expert, John McIntyre, leaving his colleague dead in the street.

When McIntyre discovers the sniper was only the first part of a kill-team sent to stop their investigation into mysterious happenings in the North Sea, he calls in a favor from an old military friend, English, the latest recruit of The Old Farts Club.

While The Club heads overseas to help McIntyre, a purse snatching at home leads Dud’s wife, Evie, and her sister on a chase across the country to confront the thief – a journey that develops into an adventure more perilous and chilling at every turn.

But when the guys find themselves isolated in unchartered waters, and the girls realize the stakes are much higher than they expected, both will have to call on outside help if they are to have any chance of survival.


Following the disappearance of his eight-year-old daughter, Charlie Green’s life spirals out of control. Divorced, unemployed, and with a heavy drinking habit, all seems lost until he receives the offer of a lifetime…£10,000 to participate in research for a revolutionary Artificial Intelligence program.

In Project Mindspace, the only limits are what the mind can create.

In his AI world called Under, Charlie meets Hope, a stunning seductress, who shows him how to maximize his time and imagination. Soon, however, the lines between the real world and make-believe begin to blur. With her ever-increasing influence, and as Under grows more confusing and dangerous with each visit, it’s left to Charlie to work out – what is Hope’s Game?

Based on the screenplay by Craig Ostrouchow. 


For the small town of Watkins Forge, the worst thing to happen is a heavy snowfall. That is until widower Cory Keller visits for an annual hunting trip. When he witnesses a murder in the nearby forest, no one believes him. With no corpse, and as the only witness, he is faced with convincing the town’s skeptical sheriff before the killer tracks him down to silence him. As he develops a friendship with an attractive waitress, Keller discovers that he is up against much more than a killer and he must not only save himself but the whole town. Mick Williams is the author of Amazon Top Ten title A Reason To Grieve, and the page-turning adventure A Guy Walks Into A Bar.