Sheldon Gleisser was awarded the Individual Artist Grant from the Greater Columbus Arts Council in 2002 for his short play Version 2.0. written with Robert Flanagan. His short story Souvenir was runner-up in the 2006 Mary Shelley awards, sponsored by Rosebud magazine, for new stories of Horror, Fantasy and Science Fiction. Gleisser’s short story Converts was runner-up for the same award in 2008. Another short story, Secrets of the Hive, was runner-up in 2010, with a fourth short story, Stillborn runner-up in 2012. Gleisser was part of the 2005 and 2012 Screenwriting seminars sponsored by the Squaw Valley Community of Writers. Another short play he wrote with Robert Flanagan, Mother of Presidents, was part of Evolution Theater’s Columbus Bicentennial Playwriting festival in 2012. His screenplay Out of Print won the Best Northcoast Screenplay award (meaning best script written to take place in Ohio) at the Ohio Independent Film Festival in 2013. (614) Magazine published his short story And Son in December of 2015. And Son was re-published in Rosebud magazine in their fall 2016 issue.


Disintegration and re-integration of solid matter? Time Travel? Gene splicing? Not Science Fiction, not anymore.

The freakish terrorist incident should have killed 16 year-old Diana Dunphy. Instead, she has an all-new body and some all-new abilities. Abilities courtesy of the most fearsome predator ever to walk the Earth.