Donald J. Woods was born and raised in the Southeastern United States.  After graduating from Wetumpka High School in Wetumpka, Alabama he joined the United States Air Force and served 12 years in various locations across the continental U.S. and Hawaii.

In 1985 as a part-time data processor, Donald started his long and successful career at United Parcel Service (UPS).  After working for more than 34 years at UPS, Donald retired as the Vice President, Global Customs & Trade Compliance.  During his time at UPS, he served in many roles and capacities and traveled extensively around the world.  His most notable accomplishments are establishing comprehensive cross-border compliance and training programs at UPS and serving on numerous committees and participating in many organizations involving the international trade industry and in the U.S. federal government. 

Donald is married to Mary (n. Davison), and they have two beautiful and lovely daughters Kyrah and Nia.  Their family currently resides in the Southern Indian area. 


There is nothing more exciting than growth. However, growth—spiritual and natural—is a process. Understanding how to grow is very important. This book is written to help the reader understand God’s natural and spiritual law of growth, which begins with a seed of Truth. With this knowledge, we can be grateful and excited to cooperate with the growth process and allow it to patiently work in our lives.


At some point in life, particularly as we mature, questions arise as to whether we are being and doing our best. Am I realizing my full potential? Am I living to the fullest extent possible? Am I getting the most out of life? If you ever pondered these questions, this book can help answer them and help begin the quest to become your personal best or the best version of you.The impetus to write Your Personal Best from a Christian perspective was borne out of the idea we have both an opportunity and an obligation to be the best version of ourselves. Through this book, we will explore personal best from several dimensions: spiritual, physical, emotional, relationships, and career.Since there is only one person in the entire universe like you, why not live to your full and unique potential? As a result, you and the world benefits, leaving the mark or legacy on the creation God intended. This book will help you start your journey of becoming your best.