The latest release from Hydra romance imprint, Stardust Romance, is the contemporary romance Do You Remember Me? by WM M Crouch. 

Nick Hemming is an introverted teenage store clerk in a small town in Kentucky. He struggles with episodes of anxiety and depression. Through his relationship with Carmen, Nick learns to understand love and a feeling of complete happiness and acceptance. When the relationship between Carmen and Nick ends, he must learn to find happiness in a world that he has never known to be happy or accepting.

Nick is on a quest for happiness in a world filled with self-doubt, self-destruction, and a longing for lost happiness. His journey takes him far down a road that has no end. His mind escapes to a fantasy world where everything is as he hoped the real world would be. The fantasy world offers a promise of relief from the daily depression and self-doubt. Nick struggles to understand the current reality of his life while holding on to a quest for a feeling of happiness that has long escaped him.