Nick Hemming is an introverted teenage store clerk in a small town in Kentucky. He struggles with episodes of anxiety and depression. Through his relationship with Carmen, Nick learns to understand love and a feeling of complete happiness and acceptance. When the relationship between Carmen and Nick ends, he must learn to find happiness in a world that he has never known to be happy or accepting.

Nick is on a quest for happiness in a world filled with self-doubt, self-destruction, and a longing for lost happiness. His journey takes him far down a road that has no end. His mind escapes to a fantasy world where everything is as he hoped the real world would be. The fantasy world offers a promise of relief from the daily depression and self-doubt. Nick struggles to understand the current reality of his life while holding on to a quest for a feeling of happiness that has long escaped him.




Makena loves the high octane world of stock car racing, but she has her hands full with a new rising star, hot-shot womanizer Avery Morgan. But when Avery’s brother Jack, once the king of the stock car world himself, tries to set out on his with a new team, Makena finds herself stuck in the fast-paced crossfire.
Which competitive brother will reach the end with the checkered flag in hand? Falling in Reverse is sure to rev your engine and leave you racing for more!
Bookstore owner, Karri Taylor, needed to get away from her former boyfriend in California. She couldn’t think of a better time than now to visit the Kentucky farm she inherited from her great-aunt. She desperately wanted to see it once more before selling it to finalize the estate. When she arrives, she didn’t expect the hospitality of the handsome neighbor or how hard it would be to leave him to go back to California.
Nestled in a small Tennessee town is Camp Arthur, a summer camp with mountains of possibility. At least that’s how the new owners see it. Penelope has dreamed of being a counselor at Camp Arthur ever since she was a young camper herself. And this July finally brings her chance: an opportunity to be a counselor in training with a cabin full of campers under her watchful eye. Things get complicated when a fellow counselor jogs right into her life and takes her eyes off her job, and if that wasn’t challenging enough, news from her parents knocks her even further off course. What was supposed to be a fun summer transition between childhood and her adult years turns into something altogether unexpected. Can Penelope balance a budding summertime romance against the drama of a jealous ex and her own family troubles, or will she really have her last July at Camp Arthur?
A little fooling around in the backseat of a car has landed Lexi Fernbrook in a summer of solitude, exiled to a quiet house, a job on Norris Lake, and no contact with her friends. Then Duncan comes along.
Lexi’s decided to ban dating as she gets her life back on track, but Duncan might just be the perfect guy to get her through the summer. When Duncan’s band, Southern Rebirth, hires her for some show photography, how could she resist?
The last year of Allie Carter’s life has been one of change. The death of her father, a health scare and Biggest Loser type weight loss has her struggling to come to terms with the person she is and all that she has left behind. Kade Wentworth lived the life of a racing Rock Star. Cynical, arrogant, and talented he’s sure that he’s got his entire life mapped out. It’s not until he comes into contact with Allie that he begins to yearn for something more. A chance meeting, a simple touching of her hand, and two damaged souls stumble their way into happily ever after.