Halloween may be over, but the terror has just begun. The Immortal Force, by Stephen Paul Sayers, continues the Caretakers series, following A Taker of Morrows and The Soul Dweller, and is available now for pre order for the discounted price of $2.99.
Caretakers protect human souls. Jumpers prey on them. RG and Kacey Granville patrol the boundary between the material plane and the spiritual realm, keeping the order and safeguarding their kind. But when a jumper discovers the secret of everlasting life, they come face to face with a horrifying evil that threatens to unleash a power deadlier than any jumper has ever possessed.
To thwart this jumper’s reign of terror, RG and Kacey must journey to Hell’s edge to face an unparalleled threat to humanity. Their only hope is to summon everything in their otherworldly arsenal to halt this malicious spirit before he opens the door to the afterlife’s dark evil—and a waiting legion of jumpers that cannot die.