The Victor McCain Thrillers is one of Hydra’s best selling series and for years, fans have clamored for Samantha Tyler, one of the main characters, to get her own line of novels. And what the fans want, they get. Vengeance, A Samantha Tyler Thriller is the first book in an exciting new series, brought to life by Rachael Rawlings with help from series creator, Tony Acree. 

Vengeance is an addiction, a need, a necessity.

Vengeance is all Samantha is living for.

They took her dignity; they caused her pain.

They will pay.

Samantha has come a long way from being the daughter of Satan’s right hand man. She’s been burned down to her soul, and she’s back to find the one who ordered her torture. Together with her best friend, an order of militant nuns, and a tech wizard, she’s out to take down the leader of the movement. In the battle between good and evil, faith and vengeance are all that are left.

This thriller is a continuation of the Victor McCain series, telling Samantha’s story between the events of The Speaker and Revenge.

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