A Folly Beach Mystery Collection IV brings together three great bestselling mystery novels, two written by Bill Noel and a third written by Bill and his daughter, Angelica Cruz. 


A peaceful kayak trip through the marsh suddenly turns terrifying for Chris Landrum and his friend Charles Fowler when a single-engine airplane plummets toward their watercraft. After coming inches from certain death, the kayakers’ heroic efforts save two of the plane’s occupants but failed to save the other two passengers. Learning the pilot had been poisoned and three of the plane’s passengers live on Folly Beach, Chris and Charles decide it’s up to the two retirees to catch the killer.
Chris and his cast of quirky characters are challenged to solve a crime before lives are lost, possibly their own.

coauthored with Angelica Cruz
Halloween is traditionally filled with ghosts, goblins, and ghouls but this year the holiday brings something more sinister to Folly Beach. The popular fall holiday has never been a favorite of retired bureaucrat Chris Landrum but that didn’t stop his friend Charles Fowler from convincing him to tour a haunted house. In addition to being faced with the scary scenes that appear in most haunted houses, they stumble across a dead body.
Stir into the cauldron a Wiccan family, a Christian minister, an egotistical dentist, a ghost-hunting couple, and a dog the size of a Fiat and you have the makings of a mystery that Chris and Charles must solve before their bodies are added into the haunted house.
An early-morning phone call from a friend asking Chris Landrum if he’d heard anything about a skeleton discovered on Mosquito Beach, an African American enclave fewer than a handful of miles from Chris’s home on Folly Beach, soon embroils Chris and a few of his friends into trying to solve a mystery dating back sixty plus years. Chris and his friend Charles’s quest for answers takes on life or death proportions when two more of Chris’s acquaintances are killed and his friend Al Washington is next in the killer’s sights.

Author Bios

Bill Noel is the best-selling author of twenty-four novels in the popular Folly Beach Mystery series. The award-winning novelist is also a fine arts photographer and lives in Louisville, Kentucky, with his wife, Susan, and his off-kilter imagination.

Angelica Cruz is the award-winning coauthor of Sea Fog: A Folly Beach Halloween Mystery and Pretty Paper: A Folly Beach Christmas Mystery. Ms. Cruz lives near Elizabethtown, Kentucky, with her husband Hector, two dogs, a bird, two cats, and four chickens.