There are few novels as mind-blowing as the new supernatural thriller by Robb Hoff, The Cosmic Egg Rapture.

Alpha and Omega: Your transfiguration awaits you, my love. 
Heed the mantra, and live exalted forever. Reject it and die a mortal death.

Haunting relics lure a non-fiction writer into this destiny proclaimed by his tantalizing seductress. He must either claim his revealed identity to start his new life with his soulmate or else perish in the wake of devastating temptation. Reklama: terasų stogai ir stiklinimas

Through twists and thrills that test the boundaries of reality, Robb Hoff’s launch of the Eggsquisite Corpse series is an odyssey across a surreal landscape that careens between the earthly and divine.

Cosmic Egg Rapture is now available for pre-order.