If you think Winter in your area is bad, be thankful. In Terror on the Tundra, the horror thriller from J. Ersker Miller, things are much worse. 

 A single pair of shipwrecked Viking war dogs evolved into terrifying Apex Predators and ravaged their island unchallenged. Eventually, the breakup of Arctic ice floated a few of the beasts to the North Slope of Alaska. There, they faced the valiant townspeople of Chintikook Village. Along with a boyish paleontologist and the local schoolteacher, the humans team up to battle the attacking creatures they call Super Wolves.
It’s an adventure that pits the fangs and claws of giant devil dogs against the wits and bravery of a small group of townspeople who don’t know how to give up despite impossible odds. 

Grab your copy today, sit close to the fire and read about a Winter where the fight is to the death.