It is time for Hydra for Halloween, and we start with our new release, The Caretakers Omnibus by Stephen Paul Sayers.
Beyond life’s boundaries, an enduring battle between good and evil determines the fate of earthly souls. Here, ‘caretakers’ guard and protect against the evil and vengeful ‘jumpers’ who slip back and forth between worlds to prey upon the living.
For the first time, three novels in The Caretakers series by internationally best-selling author Stephen Paul Sayers are presented in one omnibus collection. The trilogy will leave readers contemplating the nature of life and death and the eternal price paid for what is carried in the soul.
A TAKER OF MORROWS: When Robert ‘RG’ Granville finds out he only has twenty-four hours to live, his desperate attempt to stay alive puts him on a collision course with a ruthless jumper from the afterlife—and a shocking secret from his long-buried past.
THE SOUL DWELLER: Children are disappearing, plucked from their homes and held hostage in a hidden corner of the past. RG Granville and wife, Kacey, must summon all the powers in their otherworldly arsenal to rescue the innocent—and hope their mission isn’t a one-way ticket into history.
IMMORTAL FORCE: When a jumper discovers the secret of everlasting life, all humanity is under siege. RG and Kacey Granville must journey to Hell’s edge to thwart a power deadlier than any jumper has ever possessed. If they fail to halt this malicious spirit, he will open the door to the afterlife’s dark evil—and a waiting legion of jumpers that cannot die.
“Suspenseful paranormal storytelling at its best. If you like Stephen Leather’s Jack Nightingale series, you’ll love Sayers’ The Caretakers trilogy.” – Jeremy Bates, USA Today bestselling author of SUICIDE FOREST and THE SLEEP EXPERIMENT