Hydra fantasy author, Anne Marie Lutz, is a guest on the New Books Network Podcast. Give her a listen then stop by and pick up her books. Here is a blurb about the podcast:
Today I talked to Anne Marie Lutz about her book Taylenor (Hydra, 2019).
Taylen is the designation for magical power in the world that Anne Marie Lutz has created: a power so desirable that a special position of Seeker has been created. Seekers wander throughout the country, hoping to identify children with the gift. Our Seeker, a kind-hearted female Priest, is dedicated to her task, convincing the children to accompany her to the special hospital, where they will be cared for. Almost all children eventually succumb to an illness linked with their magical gift, called the Dark Twin, and Seeker Jaena wants to make sure they get the best care possible from Mage Herrein, who works closely with them.
However, the world is not as it seems. Soon Jaena learns that there is no illness. The children fade from having to feed Mage Herrein’s power and youth. Determined to rescue the latest child from death, she enlists the help of her lover, Lord Metten, to journey to a neighboring country and plead for intercession. In meantime, Mage Herrein’s efforts to acquire all children with taylen become more frantic, as demons rise and invade his country. Further complicating matters is the rise of the mysterious Eastern Mage, who always appears soon after the demons.
Jaena and Metten’s goal becomes more complicated as they have to contend with Metten’s spoiled friend, Lord Halpen de Morn, as well as being drawn into a three-way war.