Hydra Publications is excited to announce the signing of The Hochenwalt Files, a three-book trilogy by Addie King.
Samantha Hochenwalt is just a rookie cop from a Midwest town. She never asked to be thrust into the center of a supernatural ordeal.
After a werewolf attack leaves her stunned and questioning everything she thought she knew about good and evil, Samantha must work with Justin to battle underground plans designed to shake her to the core, all the while the two fall deeper in love.
The Hochenwalt Files is a supernatural trilogy including SHADES OF GRAY, RING OF FIRE, and CIRCLE OF LIFE, from the author of The Grimm Legacy!
More about Addie J. King: She is an attorney by day and author by nights, evenings, weekends, and whenever else she can find a spare moment. Her short story “Poltergeist on Aisle Fourteen” was published in MYSTERY TIMES TEN 2011 by Buddhapuss Ink, and an essay entitled, “Building Believable Legal Systems in Science Fiction and Fantasy” was published in EIGHTH DAY GENESIS; A WORLDBUILDING CODEX FOR WRITERS AND CREATIVES by Alliteration Ink. Her novels, THE GRIMM LEGACY, THE ANDERSEN ANCESTRY, THE WONDERLAND WOES, THE BUNYON BARTER and THE PERRAULT VOW are now available from Loconeal Publishing, now an imprint of Hydra Publications.