Best Served Cold: A Jack Dantzler Mystery is the newest release from mystery writer, Tom Wallace.
Jack Dantzler is visited by a man recently found not guilty of killing his wife. Despite the verdict, everyone is convinced the man is guilty. He wants Dantzler to find the real killer. Dantzler agrees to take the case, a decision that not only tests his considerable investigative skills, it also puts his life in imminent danger. What Dantzler doesn’t realize is an assassin has him squarely in his sights.
Meanwhile, Tommy Doyle is thirty years into a life-without-parole prison sentence, having been convicted of murdering his mistress’ suspected lover. He was brought to justice by a rookie homicide detective named Jack Dantzler. Tommy wants out of prison, but realizes his chances of that happening look grim. That is, until a fellow inmate is granted his compassionate release after being diagnosed with terminal cancer. Tommy sees this as the blueprint for his release. He works out a deal with the prison doctor, then embarks on a mission to lose fifty pounds, which he does. Granted his release, Tommy is asked by the doctor why he put his body through such extreme torture. Tommy’s answer is simple:
To get revenge against Jack Dantzler.