At long last. A new caper from the Purple Heart Detective Agency.

The Big Jangle is a new collection of case files from our two favorite vets turned detectives, who risk life and limb for Los Angeles’ quirkiest clients.

It is 2019. Things are looking up for Roddy O’Malley, one-half of the defunct Purple Heart Detective Agency. His family is happy and healthy, and life as a security consultant is easy. However, Roddy misses the action with his partner. Clayton Grace, though, is still on the run—trying to find the men who want him dead.

Fans of the Purple Heart gang know the band is going to get back together, and when they do, mayhem ensues! Soon, the detectives are knee-deep in trouble. Trouble has a name, and that name is Jerry.

Yes, the client this time around is a rowdy monkey named Jerry. The imp needs the detectives to save his ornery butt from the mob.

The Big Jangle is The Purple Heart Detectives’ funniest, most outrageous book. Prepare to laugh. This is the book you’ll be telling your friends about, when it rocks your ever-lovin’ world.

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