Hitting the road for graduations? Summer vacations? Going to Grandma’s house? Need something to listen to while walking? Working out? (yes, some people actually do work out) Perhaps while whipping up the best dessert for a cookout?
Nothing goes better with all these things than an audiobook. And we have one we’d like to recommend, with the release of Kronos’ Return, by Michael West, the triumphant conclusion to the Legacy of the Gods series. Drop a request in the comments and we will give you the audiobook for free on Audible, while codes last.
Earl Preston has been fighting dark, seemingly impossible forces, trying to prevent the return of ancient, otherworldly beings—creatures of unfathomable intellect, rumored to have created all life here on Earth. Gods or monsters, these unseen puppet masters continue to pull strings despite millennia of exile. Now, as the gateway to their alien world nears completion, Earl must locate Hades’ secret base of operations and must destroy this doorway before it can be opened.
And time is running out.
Scattered across the globe, allies and foes alike are coming together—Poseidon, Hades, and Zeus, all rallying their forces for one last confrontation. This will be a battle to end all battles, and its outcome will decide the fate of generations yet to come.
In this fourth and final installment of the Legacy of the Gods series, best-selling author Michael West provides answers to all the questions faithful listeners have been asking for years, closing his fantastic dark narrative in spectacular fashion.
Prepare for Kronos’ Return!