Jacob Cohen enters O’Toole’s, an Irish pub owned by Rico Sabatini, an Italian, and orders a pint of Guinness. Displeased with the way Rico pours the pint, Jacob offers to demonstrate how it’s properly done. Rico likes Jacob and immediately offers him a job as bartender, which Jacob accepts. Jacob works well with Elaine Bradley, the co-bartender, and the three waitresses, all christened Molly by Rico as a tribute to the Molly Bloom character in James Joyce’s classic novel Ulysses.
Not long after taking the job, two events disrupt Jacob’s nice, quiet life. First, Jacob gets word that a man is intent on killing him, and second, Jacob finds himself caught in the middle of an oncoming war between Angelo Moretti’s Italian mob and Ivan Karpov’s Russian gang. Not only is Jacob’s life in imminent danger, he is also under the watchful eyes of the FBI and the local cops. Jacob tries to distance himself from what is happening, but when Rico Sabatini’s daughter is taken prisoner by the Russians, all bets are off. He has no choice but to put his life on the line to save her. Can he succeed? Perhaps.
For, as the FBI agent says, “Jacob Cohen is more than just a bartender.”

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