The Quest for Tera’loth is the debut LitRPG novel by Tara Mier. 

The World of Tera’Loth
The inhabitants of Tera’Loth have lived under the tyrannical rule of Lord Evynloth Almackia & Lord Jinn Avestyn for longer than anyone can remember. Every day is a hopeless grind with no end in sight, that is until a brave young woman arrives in their world.

The Villain
Lord Evynloth Almackia has set his sights on world domination to right a wrong, but his plan never included a great-grandchild who was sent to thwart him.

The Hero
Imogen Welkin is a regular teenage girl with a regular teenage life. That is until her family tries to kill her over a piece of rock that they hope will unlock a dark realm and engulf their world in chaos and death while fulfilling the promise of true love.

The Quest for Tera’Loth is a twisted tale of choice, consequence, and redemption.