Terror in the Smokies, the third book in J. Esker Miller’s Terror trilogy is now available on Audible.com The story picks up where Terror on the Tundra and Terror in Appalachia left off. 

Ranger Craig James is an advisor to a Hollywood crew filming deep in North Carolina’s misty hills. Ancient Cherokee legends have long warned of giant wolves that once ruled over the woods. Now, footprints in the dark forest reveal that the beasts have returned to reclaim their territory. The film crew, the townspeople, the police, a motley band of TV monster hunters, and even the army seem helpless against them. They should have listened to Craig’s warnings before the stealthy wolves came shrieking out of the night. But a Cherokee medicine man may still hold the answers to their threat.

Jim Miller, writing as J. Esker Miller, has always had a fascination with big dogs. He has raised Irish wolfhounds and Great Danes, and he’s heard stories about other cultures’ oversized canines in his travels around the world as a military and civilian airline pilot. In countries from China to Italy, there are stories of giant supernatural canines who terrorize their human neighbors. Many native American tribes have their own tales of the “Great Wolf”. In his third Terror book, Jim gives us a glimpse into the wolves’ minds and personalities. They, like our domestic dogs, can be loving, kind, and sympathetic – or they can be the most vicious predators mankind has ever faced.