Mick Williams, author of the action thrillers, Exodus, A Guy Walks into a Bar and Whatever it Takes, is back with his newest, Hope’s Game

Following the disappearance of his eight-year-old daughter, Charlie Green’s life spirals out of control. Divorced, unemployed and with a heavy drinking habit, all seems lost until he receives the offer of a lifetime…¬£10,000 to participate in research for a revolutionary Artificial Intelligence program.

In Project Mindspace, the only limits are what the mind can create.

In his AI world called Under, Charlie meets Hope, a stunning seductress, who shows him how to maximize his time and imagination. Soon, however, the lines between the real world and make-believe begin to blur. With her ever-increasing influence, and as Under grows more confusing and dangerous with each visit, it’s left to Charlie to work out – what is Hope’s Game?

Based on the screenplay by Craig Ostrouchow.