We are putting many of our books on sale, many of which are the first in a series, to help with those stuck at home during the coronavirus shutdown. Being forced to stay at home can be tough. We want to do what we can to help. We are including books from many genres: fantasy, horror, mystery, romance, action, adventure and spiritual. 

Rex Draconis: Under the Dragon Moon by Richard Knaak

Boneyard Beach by Bill Noel

Shadowlith by Stuart Thaman

Unharmonious by Laine Boyd

A Taker of Morrows by Stephen Paul Sayers

Dystopian Express

Virtue and Vengeance by M.A. Liguori

Black Tide by Anne Marie Lutz

The Grimm Legacy by Addie King

The Shadow Tech Goddess by Ren Garcia

Dearly Departed by Rachael Rawlings

The Parrot Told Me by Rachael Rawlings

The Hand of God by Tony Acree

Afterthoughts by Lynn Tincher

Seeds of Truth by Donald J. Woods

Gnosis by Tom Wallace

Cosmic Egg Rapture by Robb Hoff

Amy the Astronaut and the Flight to Freedom by Steven Donahue

A Guy Walks Into a Bar by Mick Williams

Chanda’s Awakening by Dave Creek

Silicon Blood by Arlan Andrews Sr. 

Let There Be Dark by Tim McWhorter

The Case of the Moche Rolex by T. Lee Harris 

Her Bluegrass Beau by Carol Preflatish

The Last July: A New Adult Romance

Unsheathed: An Epic Fantasy Collection

Blade of the Covenant by Dylan Hague 

Camelot’s Misplaced Son by Pat Paxton

Off the Reservation by Lee Gull

Defined by Mary Ellen Quire

Without a Conscious… by James William Peercy

Trajectories: Stories of Exploration

Love Me, Kiss Me, Kill Me

The Golf Rules Etiquette by Richard E. Todd

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