This weekend, Hydra Publications will be playing at the Lexington Comic and Toy Convention at the Lexington Convention Center in (are you noticing a pattern yet?) Lexington, Kentucky. We are in a storefront in the food court and you don’t need a ticket to come to our booth. Stuart Thaman, Dave Creek, Tony Acree and Robb Hoff, who will be debuting The Cosmic Egg Rapture. We are the authors who know how to have a good time. This will be the first convention to feature new books by Richard Knaak, Michael Liguori, Nigel Sellars, and Dave Creek. If you want to try TeamViewer, you need to download it first. This is a fairly simple procedure and will not take much of your time. You can download TeamViewer 11 both on your personal computer and on your cell. You can work with remote equipment that is not near you. This is a very handy application that allows you to quickly change some parameters or data in programs. Just download the application to your PC or smartphone and set it up.