Mosquito Beach is the newest release in the bestselling A Folly Beach Mystery series by Bill Noel and released by our sister imprint, Enigma House Press, is now available for pre order.
An early-morning phone call from a friend asking Chris Landrum if he’d heard anything about a skeleton discovered on Mosquito Beach, an African American enclave fewer than a handful of miles from Chris’s home on Folly Beach, South Carolina, soon embroils Chris and a few of his friends into trying to solve a mystery dating back sixty-plus years. Chris and Charles, his friend and self-proclaimed private detective, quest for answers take on life or death proportions when two more of Chris’s acquaintances are killed and his friend Al Washington is next in the killer’s sights.
The task for the amateur sleuths is made much more difficult since they know few of the locals in the close-knit Mosquito Beach community and one of the people they know might be a killer.
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