SILENT NIGHT final front cover copy

Silent Night: A Folly Beach Christmas Mystery is now available for pre-order. Chris Landrum and all the zany characters you know and love are back in this entertaining Christmas whodunnit.

Here is a bit more about Silent Night, due out August 8th.

Chris Landrum is dragged out of peaceful retirement when the theft of a priceless, hand-carved figurine from a church’s nativity scene threatens to suck the spirit of Christmas out of Folly Beach. If that’s not bad enough, pieces of valuable jewelry and surfboards are stolen off homeowners’ porches on the small, South Carolina island located in the shadows of historic Charleston. Are the crimes related? All that’s known for sure is that nothing is known for sure. Rumors abound and in the spirit of it takes a village, Chris is joined by a cadre of quirky characters in his quest to find answers. Adding more pressure, Chris is told that the figurine must be found by Christmas—mere days away.

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